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8 Maximum Passengers – 55 cu.ft. Maximum Baggage

Turbo-props are propeller aircraft powered by turbine engines and are the most economical choice for short to mid-range trips. With typical cruising speeds of 300 knots and a nonstop range of up to 1,000 miles, they are great for flying in and out of regional or executive airports where you can avoid the chaos and congestion that some larger international airports may have.

Turbo-props are a great alternative to light jets, with enough room to accommodate up to 8 passengers and are the most economical option for the cost-conscious traveler. Traveling at much more modest speeds than light jets, these aircrafts are a perfect choice for island hopping as well.


6 Maximum Passengers – 50 cu.ft. Maximum Baggage

An entry-level jet or compact light jet is the smallest in the jet category and typically seats 4 to 6 passengers. They incorporate the efficiencies of a turbo prop aircraft with some of the performance capabilities of a light jet. Their size makes them highly economical while their speed makes them ideal when time is of the essence. They are ideal for shorter flights of less than 2 hours.


 7 Maximum Passengers –  65 cu.ft. Maximum Baggage

The light jet is a very popular category due to their combination of speed and comfort. With lower operating costs light jets offer clients a more economical way to travel domestically. Light jets can accommodate up to 7 passengers and are perfect for business trips or family vacations.


 9 Maximum Passengers – 90 cu.ft. Maximum Baggage

Mid-size jets can accommodate up to 9 passengers and fly nonstop for around 5 hours. Perfect class for transcontinental flights, mid-size jets provide plenty of space and comfort for relaxation or on-board work meetings. Some mid-size jets we offer are the Citation Excel, Hawker 900, and Learjet 60.


 9 Maximum Passengers – 135 cu.ft. Maximum Baggage

The super mid-size jet aircraft is popular among the long-range travel clientele. In comparison to their counterpart (the heavy jet aircraft), super mid-size aircraft offer transcontinental flights at a more competitive price. Recommended for groups of up to 10 passengers, these aircraft travel at 500-600 miles per hour and a have an average flight range of 3,500 miles, or 5 to 7 hours of non-stop flight. These aircraft are known to be the fastest, and most fuel efficient when it comes to extended journeys. Offering luxurious seating, these jets can give you rest and ease with the ability to get you from Miami to Los Angeles in no time.

Super mid aircraft offer high performing non-stop coast to coast and intercontinental flights, ranging from five to seven hours with fuel reserves and can reach approximately 3,276 nautical miles. With a high-speed cruise starting around 450 knots, these planes are great for long distance non-stop flights. Several being extensively fast compared to other civilian private jets and able to fly intercontinentally. These models also offer high performance, but have lower direct operating costs.


14 Maximum Passengers – 195 cu.ft. Maximum Baggage

If you require a private jet for international or long-rage travel, the heavy jet aircraft is the top choice for global air travelers who are looking to transport a group of people without the hassle of public airport terminals. Capable of long range flights of up to 7,000 miles or 8 hours of non-stop flight time, these aircrafts offer ample room accommodating 10-14 passengers, extra luggage space, and a variety of cabin configurations and luxurious interiors.

Having the latest in audio visual systems and WiFi on board enhances the experience and lets business executives be connected to the office even during a flight. Heavy jet aircraft also allow plenty space to move about while flying, so whether you are flying across the country or across an ocean, you will arrive relaxed and ready to take on anything you have planned on your itinerary.


150 Maximum Passengers 

Jumbo jets provide a balanced combination of high performance, comfort, high­tech amenities. With an average cruising speed of 600+ miles per hour—considerably faster than a light jet aircraft—and with an average range of 4,500 nautical miles, jumbo jets respond well to the needs of even the most time-sensitive business agenda. As manufacturers continue to innovate, a smart, new generation of midsize jets combine the light jet’s agility to operate out of smaller airports, inaccessible to commercial airlines with the space and amenities of larger aircraft. Jumbo jets often feature both internal and external baggage storage which can accommodate oversize baggage, skis, golf clubs, etc, and showcase plush cabins, often with fully reclining seats, a full lavatory, external baggage compartments, DVD, WIFI, satellite phone, fax, and a functional galley.

What ultra ­long ­range jets promise — and deliver—is a complete reimagining of the in-­flight experience; a 14­hour flight that involves hours of productive work, a gourmet meal, a comfortable night’s sleep, and a quick shower before that all-important meeting.  The Jumbo jet is a true business tool that should be utilized by your team on your next charter flight. For your next Private Jet Charter request.  Review the aircraft gallery for your options to allow you to review pictures and seating configuration and complete description of each aircraft.

For today’s business travelers, it’s all about range and speed. The Jumbo jet private jet charter class is as exclusive as it is competitive with major players to keep world leaders at the top of their game. Linking those all-important, global megacities, heavy jets can shrink the globe, make time stand still, and provide passengers with all the comforts of home combined with the ultra-modern amenities and essential connectivity of their office.