Pet Friendly Flying

Pet Friendly Flying by Private Jet

Traveling with a pet doesn’t have to be a traumatic or risky experience. In fact, flying by a private jet allows both you and your furry friend to travel together in comfort. If you’re planning to take your pet on the next trip, with OneAir Jet, you can rest assured it will be a safe and easy process.

Importantly, when you use a private jet charter, you can check on your companion’s well-being and happiness throughout the flight. Flying private gives you the peace of mind, knowing they’re safe and sound right next to you.

OneAir Jet will assist you with the necessary documentation and walk you through all pet travel guidelines, enabling you and your pet to reach the destination together, safely and happily.


Pet Charter Request

Legal Requirements For Pet Friendly Flying

Internationally, countries have different guidelines regarding traveling with pets. However, as long as pet owners provide valid documentation for their pets, OneAir Jet will handle the rest. By working through the appropriate channels we will ensure a perfectly pet friendly private jet charter.


Requirements for Pets Flying in the USA

  • Up-to-date rabies vaccinations are required when traveling through any part of the country.
  • Cats and dogs must be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Some states require health certificates from a veterinarian.

These are a few restrictions to keep in mind, before getting on the aircraft with a pet. Remember that to ensure the ultimate safety and comfort of your pets during air travel, using a private charter is clearly the best option.

Benefits Of Flying With Pets On A Private Jet Charter

  • You avoid the risks, stress, and inconvenience of flying commercially with your companions.
  • You fly with your pet in the cabin, which is significantly more comfortable, and convenient than being locked in a cargo hold, or stowed under another passenger’s seat.
  • Your pet can be of any size, while on commercial airlines, size regulations are getting stricter and stricter, leaving large pet owners with very little flexibility when traveling.
  • There is no maximum number of animals in the cabin per passenger; while commercial air carriers limit the number of pets to one, forcing other animals to be stowed in the cargo hold.
  • You can travel any time of the year, unlike with many airlines who don’t allow pets to fly in the cargo hold during warmer and colder months, due to the increased risk and liability issues.
  • You’re not affected by breed restrictions, which ban certain breeds from flying.
  • You can give your pets full attention, and monitor their well-being throughout the flight.